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Franklin Half Dollar Rolls: 1952 Uncirculated

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    The Philadelphia Mint set the tone for every coin series ever minted and the Franklin Half Dollar was no different. The Philadelphia Mint was also the only mint to participate in every coin collection since it opened in 1792. The 1952 Franklin Half Dollar Rolls comprises of 20 coins, each minted by the original mint and each in perfect brilliant uncirculated condition. For protection, the coins are stacked in a roll while in transit.

    The Franklin Half Dollar series was abundantly minted each year, leaving thousands of coins for future collectors. The Franklin Half Dollars' value is mainly in its silver content and is a favorite among silver investors. Franklins are pretty accessible in circulated condition, and investors are able to purchase them for lower premiums than the Kennedy Half Dollar. The Franklin was minted from 1948-1963, replacing the Walking Liberty. Since the Mint Director, at the time, deeply admired Benjamin Franklin, his name came up when the mint was deciding who would be on the next portrait. Even though Franklin, himself, was quoted for disagreeing with the idea of having a portrait on US currency, his portrait still appeared. Franklin has been quoted saying he would rather a proverb be featured so collectors can have something to ponder while holding the coin. Along with disagreeing with portraits on coins, Franklin also disagreed with the Bald Eagle being the national bird. He claimed among numismatist lore, that the eagle was only viewed as a scavenger. The obverse features the Founding Father, who in his hay day was more than just a politician and a scientist. Franklin's other careers were an inventory, political theorist, author, printer, freemason, postmaster, and civic activist. In a very small design, the eagle is represented on the reverse, as well as the cracked Liberty bell.

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