Early Type Seated Liberty Half Dollar 1839-1891 About Good

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    The Early Type Seated Liberty Half Dollar, spanning the years 1839 to 1891 and graded as About Good, represents a significant chapter in American numismatic history. The Seated Liberty design made its debut in 1839 on the half dollar coin, replacing the earlier Capped Bust design.

    Chief Engraver Christian Gobrecht was responsible for this new design, which featured Lady Liberty seated on a rock, holding a liberty pole topped with a Phrygian cap. The reverse displayed a majestic eagle with outstretched wings, clutching arrows and an olive branch. This design symbolized American freedom and values and remained relatively consistent throughout its production run.

    Several minting facilities across the United States were involved in the production of Seated Liberty Half Dollars during this period. These mints included the Philadelphia Mint (no mintmark), the New Orleans Mint (O mintmark), the San Francisco Mint (S mintmark), and the Carson City Mint (CC mintmark). The mintmarks, or lack thereof, indicated the coin's place of origin, and each mint had its unique characteristics and production standards.

    Over the years, the mintage figures for Seated Liberty Half Dollars varied widely. The early years saw lower mintages due to the limited demand for coinage. However, as the nation expanded and the economy grew, mintage numbers increased significantly. For example, in 1839, the Philadelphia Mint produced approximately 1,262,707 Seated Liberty Half Dollars, while in 1853, over 8 million were minted. The varying mintage figures make certain years rarer and more sought after by collectors.

    The denomination of the Seated Liberty Half Dollar was fifty cents, as indicated on the coin's face. During the 19th century, the half dollar played a crucial role in everyday commerce, facilitating trade and transactions. Its face value may have been modest, but its historical and artistic significance transcended its nominal worth. Seated Liberty Half Dollars were integral to the economy of the time.

    Examining the condition of Early Type Seated Liberty Half Dollars graded as About Good reveals coins with substantial wear and circulation. In About Good condition, the key design elements, including Liberty, the eagle, and the details on both the obverse and reverse, may be significantly worn down. While the coins may appear heavily circulated, they retain their historical and collectible value, providing a tangible link to the past.

    In conclusion, the Early Type Seated Liberty Half Dollar series, spanning from 1839 to 1891 and graded as About Good, offers a captivating journey through American numismatic history. With its evolving design, multiple minting facilities, varying mintage figures, significant denomination, and well-worn condition, these coins serve as a testament to the growth and transformation of the United States during the 19th century. They are not only historical artifacts but also cherished collectibles that continue to fascinate numismatists and enthusiasts today.

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