Early Gold Bullion $20 Saint Gaudens Almost Uncirculated

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    The $20 Saint-Gaudens double eagle was the second design to carry on the 2 coin series. First minted in 1907, the new Saint-Gaudens' design portrayed the Goddess of Liberty; delicately draped in a lightweight robe, holding a torch in one hand and olive branches in the other. Over her head, the word "Liberty" is written, along with 46 stars commemorating the 46 states at the time. The Mint Act of 1792 called for the US Mint to include an emblematic symbol of liberty on every coin. Naturally, the Lady Liberty became the icon for all US coins, honoring what the US has always stood for. The $20 Saint-Gaudens double eagle is in almost uncirculated condition, exhibiting slight amounts of wear on the coin's main images but the original luster is still prevalent. A specific date is never guaranteed and all ungraded pre-1933 gold is sold for its content, not date.

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