Credit Suisse 5 Gram Platinum Bar Statue Of Liberty

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    Investing in precious metals can be daunting but when you have the option to invest in different sizes, it makes your decision much easier. Investors have found purchasing precious metals in the smaller increments allows them to purchase more frequently, while building a diverse collection. This not only gives you better options when it's time to sell, it also avoids the dread of cashing in a one ounce item if it's not necessary. Working within the Credit Suisse Bank and other financial investment companies, the Credit Suisse is a Switzerland Financial Services company. Credit Suisse also plays the role of refiner when needed, although they are responsible for other countries' currency as well. Due to the age of their company, many of their products are difficult to find in the precious metals market and are highly sought after by investors from all over the world.

    Your Credit Suisse Platinum bar offers 5 pure grams of platinum, along with the patriotic design of the Statue of Liberty. Your bar is packaged in an official certified assay card, that states all of the bar's important information, such as weight, purity, and serial number. Lady Liberty has been an important symbol and even an icon in the US for hundreds of years. Owning her picture goes beyond the value of the platinum and stands as a good reminder of what freedom and liberty look like. Platinum has received a lot of hype recently because of its dense yet malleable structure and its high resistance to tarnishing or scratching, making it the ideal metal for jewelry. Platinum is becoming a competitor with the gold market and rightfully so! Keeping a collection that consists of different precious metals ensures the most valuable way to invest!

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