Credit Suisse 2 Gram Platinum Bar Statue Of Liberty

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    As an investor in precious metals, it is a luxury to have the option of investing in one ounce or 1 gram bars. Obviously, there are other sizes in between, also making your investment an easy one to achieve. Sometimes, something smaller than a one ounce product is not only easier on your wallet, but you don't have to commit to a larger bar if you don't want to. This not only gives you better options when it's time to sell, it also avoids the dread of cashing in a one ounce item if it's not necessary. Credit Suisse is a Switzerland Financial Services company, that works within the Credit Suisse Bank and other financial investment companies. Being responsible for other countries' currency, Credit Suisse also plays the role of refiner when needed. Since they are an older company, many of their products are difficult to find in the precious metals market.

    Your Credit Suisse Platinum bar offers two solid grams of platinum, along with the patriotic design of the Statue of Liberty. Your bar comes in an official certified assay card, that states all of the bar's important information, such as weight, purity, and serial number. Getting closer to the Statue than many will in their lifetime, the design of Lady Liberty is an up close shot of the iconic figure. Lately, platinum has been favored over other precious metals because of its dense yet malleable structure. It is also a strong metal that is highly resistant to tarnishing or scratching, making it the perfect metal for jewelry. Investors have begun to purchase platinum, in order to diversify their collection for security purposes. Having different metals in your repertoire is a smart way to increase the overall value of your collection.

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