Classic Flamethrower Silver Toy Soldier | 1 oz .999 Fine Silver Army Men

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    There are many jobs the military are asked to perform that civilians know next to nothing about. Luckily, there are creative outlets that help depict what our military do on a daily basis, to help the rest of us understand what is asked of them. With the new Elemetal Mint Silver Toy Solider series, specific military jobs are portrayed in great detail, making the soldiers come to life. The Classic Flamethrower Silver Toy Soldier portrays an infantryman, in wrinkled garb, holding a flamethrower. This weapon is specifically for soldiers who fight on foot, providing hot flames during battle. This .999 pure silver soldier is one of six in a series by Elemetal Mint. Each soldier weighs one ounce of silver and is pictured doing different jobs. To ensure protection during delivery, the Silver Toy Soldiers are thoroughly wrapped. Forged from one ounce silver bars, these Silver Toy Soldiers are waiting to become a part of your silver collection!

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