Circulated Franklin Half Dollar 1952-D

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    Since World War II started and ended before the minting of the Franklin, the US government desired to have an abundant inventory, in case of an emergency. The Franklin Half Dollar was one of the most minted coins in US history, with the lowest mintage being around 2.5 million. Nowadays, collectors and investors are drawn to the Franklin Half Dollar but not because of its numismatic value, although it is a great collection for beginning collectors. Most coins minted before 1964 were comprised of 90% silver, which stopped in 1965. The 90% silver content is presently in high demand since it is slowly dwindling out of the market, due to not being produced anymore. The Franklin Half Dollar was produced right after the end of World War II, wherein the US Mint was overly producing coinage just in case it was needed. All three mints participated in the minting of the Franklin, strategically placing their mint-marks on the reverse.

    Pictured as he was known for, Benjamin Franklin graces the obverse in his famous reading spectacles and his balding, round head. Underneath his shoulder are the initials "JRS," standing for the designer, John R. Sinnock. Sinnock was the Chief Engraver, who designed the Franklin but died before it was actually produced. The reverse reveals the cracked Liberty Bell, which was contested by the Commission of Fine Art, claiming the design would be ridiculed once released to the public. The cracked Liberty Bell stayed on the half dollar for its entire length of production. The Denver Mint was established in 1906, and as the most recent mint to open at the time of the Franklin Half Dollar mintage. In 1952, the Denver Mint produced an extremely high number of half dollars, lending to its accessibility and low premiums. The 1952-D Franklin Half Dollar is in circulated condition and carries the "D" mint-mark on its reverse.

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