Christmas Silver Round Ornament Holder

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    Our 39mm Christmas Silver Round Ornament Holders are the perfect fit for any Christmas Silver Round. They transform an investment into a trinket you can hang from your tree. Since the Christmas Silver Rounds only come in sealed plastic, the Christmas Silver Round Ornament Holders are a great way to protect the integrity of the silver, while also making it a presentable gift.

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Customer reviews

★★★★★ Very good
Good quality and easy to open and insert coin
★★★★★ Perfect frame
What a great way to display our gifts.
★★★★★ Perfect fit for the coin and very attactive
★★★★★ nice finishing touch
★★★★★ Ornament coin holder review
Red helps the bronze and silver rounds pop out on the green tree.
★★★★ Fine, but Limiting
These do just what they're supposed to, but the red in the ornament hanger doesn't quite match the red I use on my tree. I wish there were other color options, or hangers with no color at all.
★★★★ Good
★★★★★ Nic
★★★★ not large enough for silver eagles
★★★★★ Nice Addition to the Coins
I get these little guys to go with our Christmas coin each year. I don't hang our coins up but I think these just help keep the coins safe and in nice condition. These allow my young son to handle his Christmas coins without gooping them up with kid hands. For such a good price, why would you not get one to help protect and/or display your investment?!
★★★★★ Gift for years to come.
I purchased 21 of these for my new grandson so I can give the same holder each year for 21 years. They look very nice and close tightly.
★★★★ Plastic case
I expected a silver coin holder and this ended up being just a plastic case. Works great though.
★★★★★ I recommend this product
★★★★★ Nice
Provides great protection to the coin.
★★★★★ fits well
coins fit well in holder - beautiful
★★★★ Perfect
All arrived in perfect condition, just wish there were more color and design options.
★★★★★ Very nice as always.
This disc completely protects the silver from tarnishing. I have bought them in years past and the coins in them are still tarnish free.
★★★★★ Standard Accessory
We save a special three-foot tree to hang our coins on — one for every year we've been together! It's a lovely way to display them.
★★★★★ grat for gift
★★★★★ like this
Wish you had a portfolio of sorts to store/display the coins. Currently my children have many of your coins as part of a tradition their grandfather started. It would be nice to have a coin holder type book to keep them in as a treasured keepsake.
★★★★★ Quality is always great
★★★★★ Great!
Great little case to keep our coins protected!
★★★★★ nice protector case
after careful cutting of plastic encased coin it WILL fit in these to make a nice objuect that can be picked up and handled and looked at