Chinese Gold Panda Half Ounce 2012 - Singapore International Coin Fair

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    To commemorate the famous Singapore International Coin Fair, an incredibly large coin show where mints from all over the world are represented, the People's Republic of China presents the 2012 Singapore International Fair Chinese Gold Panda. Not only is this commemorative coin a part of one of the most prestigious coin collections in the world but is carries a very appealing low mintage with it. With only 2,500 half ounce coins minted for the International Coin Fair, this particular coin is not only highly sought after by avid coin collectors but also bullion investors as well.

    The People's Republic of China encapsulates their coins in order to protect them wherever they are shipped to. This small detail is what sets the Chinese Pandas a part from other bullion coins. The 2012 Singapore International Coin Fair 1/2 ounce coin is packaged in its original wooden display box and contains its Certificate of Authenticity. A "freshly minted" finish makes this brilliant uncirculated coin shine in any coin collections.

    Coin Highlights
    -.999 pure gold
    -Brilliant uncirculated condition
    -Packaged in coin capsule
    -Obverse: The obverse is something different that coin collectors and investors have not seen yet. Instead of the Temple of Heaven portrait we are used to, there are two dazzling pictures. One is of the Singapore International Fair and the other is of the Great Wall of China. Two iconic symbols of the coin world are harmoniously designed together to honor the trade and to give collectors a change of pace for the Chinese Pandas. "Singapore International Coin Fair," and "2012," are the inscriptions written on the obverse to honor the worldwide fair.
    -Reverse: Two adult pandas are featured on the reverse of this coin. The adorable duo seems to be in a friendly wrestling match among a sea of bamboo leaves and ragweed. The coin's weight and purity is printed below the tussling pair.

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    • Year: 2012
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