Chinese Gold Panda Five Ounce 1987

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    There are many reasons why the Chinese Gold Panda series is worth every penny. This coin series does not follow other series' footsteps in keeping the same design, for the coin, year to year. Instead, the reverse design is changed every year and not one design is the same. Coin collectors and investors anticipate the release of these new coins in excitement for the new addition to be added to their precious collections. Another aspect of the series that may catch your eye is the excellent packaging that is included in purchasing this amazing collection. The proof-like finish, on these coins, teases the observer to think they are receiving more than a brilliant uncirculated coin. The higher premium, for this series, makes sense once its appeal is broken down. This series is the cream of the crop when it comes to gold bullion collections!

    The 1987 5 oz Chinese Gold Panda is guaranteed to be pure gold, which is also stated on the reverse of the coin. On the coin, a solitary panda is pictured enjoying a cool drink from a small pond. A few detailed bamboo branches are included above the bear and the coin's legal tender value is underneath the panda. The obverse side of the coin reveals a marvelous illustration of the iconic Temple of Heaven. Surrounding the beautiful temple are the Chinese symbols meaning, "The People's Republic of China," and the year of mintage, written in a larger font to signify where the coin was minted. Whether you are interested to buy silver online or in person, the Chinese Silver Panda series is the ideal kick-start to any collection!

    Coin Highlights
    -Five solid ounces of .999 pure gold.
    -Flawless sheen from the brilliant uncirculated finish
    -Packaged in original mint packaging
    -Obverse design: Displays the Temple of Heaven with the coin's date of mintage and "The People's Republic of China," written in Chinese symbols.
    -Reverse design: A lone panda is peacefully drinking water from a small pond and the coin's denomination also represented. The coin's purity and weight is written on the reverse as well.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1987
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