Chinese Gold Panda 20th Ounce 1988

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    Since pandas are viewed as spirit animals and represent tranquility, you won't see pandas portrayed as active in the Chinese Gold Panda coin series. In fact, the only physical activity pandas participate in, besides mating, is wandering and looking for more bamboo to eat. Bamboo also has symbolism, wherein, it represents abundance in prosperity for those who are patient.

    The People's Republic of China has been wowing global coin collectors since 1982 with their Chinese Gold Panda coin series. This prestigious gold coin series has set a standard of perfectly crafted and designed gold coins that keeps even investors coming back to pay the higher premiums. Every year, the reverse design changes, keeping anticipating collectors and investors on their toes. Not only are these coins one ounce of pure gold, they are finished with a "freshly struck" look, which exceeds any expectation for Brilliant Uncirculated coins.

    Coin Highlights
    - .999 pure gold
    -Brilliant Uncirculated condition with proof-like features
    -Packaged in plastic coin envelope
    -Obverse design: The Temple of Heaven is depicted, honoring the structures of religious buildings in Beijing. The People's Republic of China is written in Chinese symbols above the iconic building and the coin's date of mintage is written below.
    -Reverse design: A Giant Panda is calmly sitting as it eats bamboo with its hands. The coin's legal tender value and is inscribed above the lazy panda, along with the weight and purity of the gold coin.

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    • Year: 1988
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