Chinese Gold Panda 20th Ounce 1985

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    Beginning in 1982, the People's Republic of China began the popular coin collection, the Chinese Gold Panda series. This collection is congruent to the Chinese Silver Coin series, matching the reverse designs for every year. In fact, the Chinese Gold Panda series is highly sought after by collectors and investors from all over the world, mainly due to the yearly changing of the reverse design. The Chinese Gold Pandas are also known for their competitively low mintages that can increase the overall value of the coin. Since there are a few places that mint the Chinese Gold Panda coins, each coin does not carry a mintmark. Instead of a mintmark, some places of origin are indicated by the size of the date on the coin or the temple is smaller than others.

    The Chinese Gold Panda series is known for its premium packaging; coins are sealed into a plastic pouch before shipping out. Even though pandas are globally adored animals, they are also revered as spirit animals. It is believed they bring good fortune to those who wait and the bamboo they eat symbolizes abundance in prosperity. There are few gifts better than an investment that also wishes good fortune on its recipient.

    Coin Highlights
    - .999 pure gold
    -Mint-sealed pouch or coin flip
    -Brilliant Uncirculated condition with proof-like condition
    -Obverse: Reveals the Temple of Heaven, a compilation of religious structures located in the heart of Beijing. This magnificent temple has seen through many years and many emperors since it was first built in 1409. "The People's Republic of China," is represented through Chinese symbols and the coin's date of mintage is also included on this side.
    -Reverse: A sweet panda cub is grasping a thin bamboo shoot and dangling from the branch. The coin's denomination, purity, and weight are all stamped around the panda for extra assurance.

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    • Year: 1985
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