Chinese Gold Panda 10th Ounce 2004

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    Many coin collectors and investors endlessly search for an exciting collection to add to their repertoire. Keeping a diverse collection is quite a popular attitude in the bullion world and the Chinese Panda series is a great way to start! The Chinese Gold Panda series began its journey as a bullion collection in 1982. Over 20 years later and it has only increased its popularity among collectors and investors. It also doesn't hurt that each coin features an intricate portrait of the beloved national animal of China, the Panda bear. The 2004 1/10th oz Chinese Gold Panda contains .999 pure gold and is in brilliant uncirculated condition.You might notice an impeccable sheen to your coin, which is representative of the famous brilliant uncirculated finish that is common among the Chinese Panda collection.

    Unlike most animals, a female panda can only give birth to two cubs at a time. Due to this small number of cubs, the mother panda has more time to focus on her cub, instead of her attention being split between 5 cubs. A mother panda's bond with her young is very intimate and precious, mainly since that is where the cub learns how to be a bear.

    Coin Highlights
    -.999 pure gold
    -Brilliant Uncirculated
    -Packaged in coin pouch or flip
    -Obverse: One of China's most iconic buildings, the Temple of Heaven, is featured on the obverse side of the coin. The obverse is also marked with, "The People's Republic of China," and its date of mintage.
    -Reverse: A mother panda is with her cub, on the reverse side of the 2004 1/10th oz Chinese Gold Panda. The two are walking on all fours as the baby panda looks up at its mother. The reverse also bears the inscription that proves the coin's weight, purity, and denomination.

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    • Year: 2004
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