Chinese Gold Panda 10th Ounce 2001

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    The Chinese Gold Pandas have been a highly sought after collection since its beginning in 1982. There are a few understandable reasons responsible for its increased popularity over the years. One reasons being the reverse design is changed yearly on the coins so that whomever wants to enjoy a diverse collection can do so effortlessly. Although the reverse designs constantly change, collectors will notice the same design for 2001 and 2002. A call to freeze the changing of the reverse designs was called in 2002 so the 2001 and 2002 coins match in the design. But due to popular demand by collectors, the "freeze policy" was removed and a new design graced the reverse of the 2003 gold coin.

    The 2001 1/10th oz Chinese Gold Panda contains .999 fine gold. It's luster is credited to the impeccable brilliant uncirculated finish that each coin receives at production. The reverse design that is revealed is of a large panda, wandering on all fours and lurking next to a collection of bamboo shoots. The coin is also stamped with its authentication, such as its legal tender value, weight, and purity. When one thinks of China, there are a few iconic structures one will think of. One of those structures is the Temple of Heaven, a complex of religious buildings, located right in the middle of Beijing. These buildings were built in 1409 and provided a place of worship and meditation for the local people. This iconic structure is beautifully represented on the obverse of the gold panda, along with the date of mintage.

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