Certified Uncirculated Silver Eagle 2021 MS70 NGC Early Releases Type 2

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    The bald eagle has always been an iconic figure on United States' memorabilia. The bald eagle is the king bird of prey, due to its large size. The bald eagle represents power, resiliency, and the ultimate freedom. For the first time, in 35 years, the US Mint has decided to alter the design on the American Eagle coin series. The iconic Waling Liberty design will still be featured on the obverse. On the reverse, the eagle is pictured as being in flight and tightly gripping an olive branch, This is a simpler design compared to the previous reverse design, portraying the eagle with the US Coat of Arms seal. The new reverse still contains an etched writing of the coin's weight and purity, as long as the country of origin.

    In 1986, the first American Silver Eagle was made, taking a step up from the Eisenhower dollar of the 70's. Although the obverse design never changes, the desire to own these prized beauties has only grown throughout the US and the world. The Certified Uncirculated Silver Eagle 2021 MS70 NGC Early Release Type 2 is among the first coins minted, with the new reverse design, by the US Mint. The Certified Uncirculated Silver Eagle 2021 MS70 NGC Early Release Type 2 boasts of the highest grade possible: MS70 BU grade and comes preserved in an official NGC holder.

    Coin Highlights
    -MS70 grade
    -Minted in the first 30 days of production
    -Guaranteed by US Mint to be .999 pure silver
    -Packaged in a certified NGC holder
    -Obverse: Inspired by Adolph A. Weinman's famous design on the Walking Liberty half dollar from 1916-1947. The Walking Liberty design was chosen, due to its popularity by being the most popular image on a US coin in coinage history. This iconic image graces the obverse of every American Silver Eagle; Lady Liberty is delicately draped in a loose fitting dress as she holds dearly some branches in her arm and the US flag over her shoulders. "Liberty," "In God We Trust," and the date of mintage are stamped on the obverse as well.
    -Reverse: The reverse portrays a flying eagle, slowly descending, while holding an olive branch: the ultimate symbol of peace.

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    • Year: 2021
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