Certified Proof Silver Eagle 1994-P PR70DCAM PCGS

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    With inspiration from the Mexican Libertad, the US Mint produced the first silver eagle in 1986. Although the obverse design never changes, the desire to own these prized beauties has only grown throughout the US and the world. The Proof Silver Eagle series is the reason collectors and investors flock towards this coin series every year. It's a phenomenon that has changed dealing in the silver bullion industry and making the Proof Silver Eagles a legitimate part of America's coin collection. Proof Silver Eagles take longer to make and are usually expensive to produce, so the US Mint limits the amount of Proof Silver Eagles minted each year.

    Your Certified Proof Silver Eagle 1994-P PR70DCAM PCGS exhibits a sheen finish that extends above and beyond the usual standards for the usual proof condition. The obverse and reverse, of your coin, can be viewed through the certified PCGS holder, PCGS has assigned your coin the ideal grade of PF70, which is the highest mark a coin can receive. The reverse contains an illustration of the US Coat of Arms, which is an eagle covered by a shield. The eagle holds, with its left talon, 13 arrows in honor of the original 13 colonies. The right talon is clenching an olive branch to represent peace. Lady Liberty, a familiar face from the Walking Liberty half dollars that were in circulation from 1916-1947. Adolph A. Weinman, a German American sculptor, was chosen to create the original Walking Liberty design. To honor Weinman's masterpiece and revive the popular Walking Liberty design, the US Mint has assigned every American Silver Eagle with the Lady Liberty we all know and love. Alongside the Lady, the infamous phrase, "In God We Trust," is inscribed as a reminder. "Liberty," is etched in a large font above Lady Liberty's covered head. The coin's date of mintage, "2003," is included at the bottom of the obverse.

  • Details:
    • Denomination: $1
    • Year: 1994
    • Diameter: 41 mm
    • Mint Mark: P
    • Thickness: 2.98 mm
    • Grade: Certified

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