Certified Proof Silver Eagle 1989 PF70 NGC

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    Collectors enjoy many aspects of the Proof Silver Eagles, one being the lower mintages. Since the Proof Silver Eagle takes more time and money to produce, the US Mint limits the amount they make each year. Only 617,694 proof eagles were minted in 1989, the US Mint unknowingly made this series of eagles more difficult to find over the uncirculated silver eagles. Not only do these proof coins offer an investor one solid ounce of silver but it gives the collector the satisfaction of having a coin with a high numismatic value. Proof coins are already considered higher value than uncirculated, due to their famous and expensive "mirrored" finish.

    Your Certified Proof Silver Eagle 1989 PF70 NGC is backed by the US government and comes sealed in an official NGC holder, representing the highest grade possible, the coveted PF70.

    Coin Highlights
    -.999 fine silver
    -PF70 grade
    -NGC certified coin holder
    -Obverse: The obverse showcases Lady Liberty as a Grecian goddess, delicate but unafraid. She is dressed as a soldier from long ago, a loose fitted toga is draped around her tall and slender frame. The coin's date of mintage is also stamped underneath the Lady's feet.
    -Reverse: The reverse portrays a large eagle, donned with a shield of metal covering its puffed breast. Above the proud eagle's head are 13 stars, which represent the original 13 colonies. The eagle's talons are desperately clenching onto an olive branch and arrows. The olive branch is to signify the peaceful nation but the arrows represent the desire to protect the country at any means possible. "E pluribus unum," the infamous Latin phrase meaning "One from many," is scripted on a banner across the eagle's spread wings.

  • Details:
    • Denomination: $1
    • Year: 1989
    • Diameter: N/A
    • Mint Mark: N/A
    • Thickness: 2.98 mm
    • Grade: N/A

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