Certified Morgan Silver Dollars MS64 (5 Different Dates) (Our Choice)

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    It is on every collector's priority list to own certified coins. There are plenty of positive reasons why certified coins are a smart investment. When dealing with older coins, such as the Morgan silver dollar, the actual condition of the coin is key when it comes to its value. A certified coin has its condition or grade marked on the plastic holder it is placed in, making it easy for any potential buyer to know exactly the grade of the coin. The coin, itself, is protected in a labeled plastic slab that is incredibly easy to store and keeps the coin from tarnishing or obtaining scratches. The Certified Morgan Silver Dollars MS64 (5 Different Dates) (Our Choice) are 5 Morgans of 5 different common dates. These dates, are in no means, considered rare but the Morgan's grade of MS64 is what makes these beauties the star. The most reputable grading company in the US, NGC, has awarded these Morgans the ideal grade of MS64. The MS64 grade means the coin's details and overall condition is nearly perfect for such an old coin.

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