Certified Morgan Silver Dollar MS63 (Our Choice)

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    The Morgan silver dollar is one of the most famous and popular coins still collected today. Since the Morgan was the circulated silver dollar from 1878-1904, then produced one last time in 1921, this coin's grades varies widely. As any Morgan collector will attest, finding the right condition to invest in is a very personal choice. From Good, to Fine, to Brilliant Uncirculated, every collector has their vice as to which condition they prefer. But sometimes, it is nice having a coin graded by an official grading agency, that proves exactly what condition your one hundred year old coin is in. The Certified Morgan Silver Dollar MS63 has earned its grade by the reputable NGC grading company. This Morgan allows you to invest in a high quality certified Morgan without the extreme high premium. This Morgan is "Dates of Our Choice" meaning you will received a common year with a high mintage.

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