Certified Morgan Silver Dollar 1885 MS64 NGC

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    The Morgan silver dollar has been America's favorite dollar since 1878! Thanks to the Coinage Act of 1873, the Morgans were the first standard dollar to be minted after the Seated Liberty dollar. George T. Morgan was the English engraver who designed the famous Morgan design. Lady Liberty has always graced the obverse of every silver dollar and continues to do so on the Morgans, with her lovely side profile highlighted. The reverse reveals a large eagle with the words, "In God We Trust," written above his head. Your 1885 Morgan silver dollar was minted in Philadelphia but does not carry a mint mark. It has been graded, by NGC, a MS64, which is a solid grade for a Morgan silver dollar. NGC carefully packages their certified coins in sleek plastic holders, labeled with the appropriate grade and year. Many collectors also invest in NGC boxes, for their certified coins, to keep their collection organized and easy to manage.

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    • Year: 1885
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