Certified $5 Gold Indian 1914-D AU58 NGC

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    The Certified $5 Gold Indian 1914-D AU58 NGC coin represents a significant piece of American numismatic history, revered for its unique design and historical significance. Minted during the early 20th century, this coin is part of the iconic Indian Head gold series, which stands as a testament to the rich heritage of American coinage.

    Designed by acclaimed sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt, the $5 Gold Indian coin introduced a radical departure from traditional coin designs by featuring an incuse, or sunken relief, design. The obverse of the coin showcases a Native American chief adorned with a full headdress, symbolizing the spirit and resilience of the indigenous peoples of America. The reverse features a majestic bald eagle perched upon a bundle of arrows and an olive branch, representing the nation's readiness for both war and peace.

    The 1914-D issue was struck at the Denver Mint, adding a layer of historical significance to this particular coin. Established in 1906 to accommodate the growing demand for coinage in the western United States, the Denver Mint played a vital role in the production of gold coins during the early 20th century.

    Despite being struck more than a century ago, this coin has retained much of its original luster and detail, earning it a grade of AU58 (About Uncirculated 58) from the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). Coins in AU58 condition may show slight traces of wear on the highest points of the design, but overall, they exhibit excellent preservation and appeal to collectors seeking coins with a balance of condition and affordability.

    NGC certification provides collectors with assurance regarding the authenticity and quality of the coin. Each NGC-certified coin undergoes a rigorous grading process conducted by expert numismatists, ensuring accurate assessment and identification of its condition and attributes.

    Coins of this caliber are typically housed in protective holders to safeguard them from damage and preserve their condition. NGC encapsulation provides an additional layer of protection, shielding the coin from environmental factors and handling while allowing for easy viewing and display.

    Historical records indicate that a total of 564,000 $5 Gold Indian coins were minted at the Denver Mint in 1914. While this figure represents a substantial mintage, surviving examples in high grades such as AU58 are relatively scarce, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

    The $5 Gold Indian series holds a special place in the hearts of numismatists, cherished for its stunning design and historical significance. Each coin serves as a tangible link to America's past, capturing the spirit of a bygone era and offering a glimpse into the nation's journey through time.

    As a certified AU58 specimen, this 1914-D $5 Gold Indian coin represents an exceptional opportunity for collectors to acquire a piece of American numismatic history. With its beautiful design, historical significance, and excellent condition, this coin is sure to enhance any collection and delight enthusiasts for generations to come.

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    • Year: 1914
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    • Mint Mark: D
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