Buffalo Nickel 1919-D About Good

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    The 1919-D Buffalo Nickel is a significant piece within the broader narrative of American coinage, representing a period of rich historical and cultural significance. Minted at the Denver Mint, this particular issue of the Buffalo Nickel series offers a glimpse into the early 20th century American society, reflecting both the artistic endeavors and the everyday practicalities of the time. The coin is highly regarded among collectors for its rarity and the distinct features that mark its production and circulation.

    Designed by James Earle Fraser, the Buffalo Nickel was conceived to encapsulate key aspects of American heritage. The obverse features a Native American, which Fraser described as a composite of three different chiefs who posed for him, thereby intending to represent the broader heritage of Native American peoples. The reverse showcases a bison, thought to be modeled after Black Diamond, a bison then residing in the Central Park Zoo in New York. This imagery was not only symbolic of the American West but also reflective of the nation’s identity, intertwined with the untamed spirit and natural beauty of its landscapes.

    The Denver Mint's 1919-D Buffalo Nickel is particularly notable for its lower mintage. Only 8,006,000 pieces were produced that year, which is fewer than many other years and mints. This scarcity inherently enhances the coin’s collectible value. Each coin bears the ‘D’ mintmark below the mound on which the bison stands, a detail that is crucial for identification and adds to the appeal for collectors seeking specific mint marks that denote the coin's origin and its numismatic pedigree.

    Regarding its distribution and packaging, the 1919-D Buffalo Nickel was treated like most coins of the era: it was intended for widespread circulation. Distributed in bulk to banks, typically in large canvas bags or paper rolls, there was no special consideration given to the preservation of these coins for future collectors. This practice led to widespread use and the inevitable wear that characterizes coins of this era, particularly those graded as "About Good." This level of circulation underscores the coin’s role in the economic life of its time, circulating among the populace and facilitating daily transactions.

    The condition described as "About Good" typically indicates that the coin shows considerable wear from extensive handling and use in commerce. For the 1919-D Buffalo Nickel, this means that while the primary features of Fraser’s design—the profile of the Native American and the figure of the bison—are still recognizable, finer details are worn away. Such coins often lack the sharpness of higher-grade specimens but hold a charm and historical value that is deeply appreciated by collectors and historians alike. The wear patterns themselves tell a story of the coin's journey through American hands and economies, adding a layer of historical narrative to its intrinsic and collectible worth.

    In summary, the 1919-D Buffalo Nickel is more than just a piece of old currency; it is a relic of American history, embodying the artistic, cultural, and economic aspects of the era in which it was produced. For collectors, this coin is a tangible connection to the past, offering a story of America’s development and the daily lives of its people. Collecting such a coin is not merely an investment in a physical object but an engagement with the rich tapestry of American heritage, making the 1919-D Buffalo Nickel a prized possession in any numismatic collection.

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    • Year: 1919
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