Buffalo Nickel 1913-S Type 1 About Good

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    The 1913-S Type 1 Buffalo Nickel stands as a cornerstone of American numismatic history, embodying the rugged spirit and rich cultural heritage of early 20th-century America. This coin, minted in San Francisco, belongs to the first variant of the Buffalo Nickel, which was introduced with a design featuring a buffalo on a raised mound. The mound, while aesthetically pleasing, led to early wear in the coins, particularly at the denomination area, prompting a redesign later in the same year.

    Designed by the renowned sculptor James Earle Fraser, the Buffalo Nickel was part of a drive to beautify American coinage. The obverse features a right-facing portrait of a Native American, believed to be a composite of several individuals, including Iron Tail, Two Moons, and Big Tree. The reverse showcases an American buffalo, modeled after a bison named Black Diamond who resided in the New York Central Park Zoo. The coin’s imagery was intended to capture the essence of the American frontier and the core aspects of its indigenous and natural heritage.

    The specific coin in discussion, the 1913-S Type 1 in About Good (AG) condition, exhibits significant signs of wear. The details of Fraser's design have been softened by extensive circulation, with the major elements of the imagery—both the Native American portrait and the buffalo—remaining discernible but heavily worn. The raised mound on the reverse, a defining feature of the Type 1, shows the typical flattening expected from a coin in such condition.

    The minting of the 1913-S Type 1 Buffalo Nickel at the San Francisco Mint adds an additional layer of collectibility due to its relatively lower mintage numbers compared to its Philadelphia and Denver counterparts. Coins from the San Francisco Mint during this period are often sought after by collectors for their rarity and the unique aspects of their production story.

    This coin not only reflects the artistic ambitions of its time but also serves as a historical document, offering insights into the monetary practices of early 20th-century America and the cultural representations valued by society at that time. The introduction of such a distinctly American design marked a significant moment in U.S. minting history, showcasing a shift towards more culturally and artistically rich imagery on American coinage, which was part of a broader nationalistic movement in the arts.

    In conclusion, the 1913-S Type 1 Buffalo Nickel in About Good condition is a testament to the era of its creation, encapsulating themes of American identity, the celebration of native wildlife, and the appreciation of Indigenous cultures. Despite its worn state, it continues to be a piece of significant historical and numismatic interest, offering a tangible connection to the narrative of America’s past and the ongoing story of its currency.

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    • Year: 1913
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    • Mint Mark: S
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