Buffalo Nickel 1913 Type 2 Fine

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    The Buffalo Nickel series, introduced in 1913, holds a special place in American coinage history. The 1913 Type 2 Buffalo Nickel, a variant of the inaugural year's coinage, is a fascinating piece sought after by collectors for its unique characteristics and historical significance.

    James Earle Fraser, a prominent sculptor of the time, designed the Buffalo Nickel. It features a Native American chief on the obverse and a majestic American bison on the reverse. The Type 2 variety differs from Type 1 in the placement of the denomination "FIVE CENTS" on a raised mound, replacing the Type 1's recessed placement.

    The coins were minted at several locations, with the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints contributing to production. The Type 2 Buffalo Nickel was minted at all three facilities, each producing coins with subtle variations in strike quality and overall appearance.

    Mintage numbers for the 1913 Type 2 Buffalo Nickel vary across mint locations. The Philadelphia Mint typically had higher production numbers compared to Denver and San Francisco, making coins from these latter mints relatively scarcer and more desirable among collectors.

    Condition plays a crucial role in determining the value of a 1913 Type 2 Buffalo Nickel. Coins graded as Fine exhibit moderate wear but still retain significant detail. The date and legends are generally clear, though some areas may show signs of wear from circulation. Despite wear, the overall design elements, including the bison and Native American chief, remain recognizable.

    Collectors often seek out the 1913 Type 2 Buffalo Nickel for its historical significance as part of the inaugural year of the series and its unique design characteristics. Its portrayal of the American West resonates with enthusiasts of American history and numismatics alike.

    Overall, the 1913 Type 2 Buffalo Nickel represents an important chapter in American coinage history. Its distinct design, minting variations, and historical context make it a prized addition to any coin collection. Whether as a standalone piece or part of a broader set, the 1913 Type 2 Buffalo Nickel continues to capture the imagination of collectors around the world.

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