Barber Half Dollar Very Good 1897-S

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    The 1897-S Barber Half Dollar was minted at the infamous San Francisco Mint and is a part of a mintage of 933,900 coins. Considered to be in very good condition, the 1897-S Barber Half Dollar contains exorbitant amounts of wear, with important details lacking, and will be packaged in a coin flip to ensure proper protection during shipment. The San Francisco Mint was first established in 1854, as a result of the famous gold rushes. This mint is known for not only making the most coins, out of the four mints, but they are also admired by their quality of coin as well. When comparing a coin minted at San Francisco and one minted at New Orleans, there is quite a noticeable difference. The strike is stronger, the designs last longer even when circulated, and the mint-mark is more prominent.

    One thing collectors can always depend on is when they have finished one collection, another one awaits. The Barber Half Dollar replaced the Seated Liberty coinage, by preference of the Mint Director, Edward Leech. After a failed attempt to offer a friendly competition among local artists, Leech resorted to Chief Engraver, William Barber, to come up with the design. Barber's design extended to the dime, quarter, and half dollar; being one of the only coin designs to serve on all currency. Liberty is wearing a Grecian leaf cap, on the obverse, as the reverse features the nation's seal. The Barber Dime is the only Barber coin to not showcase the heraldic eagle, holding the shield, on its reverse. The dime and quarter feature just the coin's monetary denomination. Although received with mixed emotions by the public, the Barber design series successfully lasted over 20 years.

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