Barber Half Dollar Very Good 1894-S

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    The 1894-S Barber Half Dollar contains an average mintage and is available to collectors in most grades. Being in very good condition, the 1894-S Barber Half Dollar exhibits heavy wear, with details lacking such as Liberty's intricate headpiece or the eagle's feathers. The Barber Half Dollar series is a favorite among collectors since most of the collection is difficult to obtain in a decent condition. The Barber Half Dollar replaced the Seated Liberty coinage, by preference of the Mint Director, Edward Leech. After a failed attempt to offer a friendly competition among local artists, Leech resorted to Chief Engraver, William Barber, to come up with the design. Barber's design extended to the dime, quarter, and half dollar; being one of the only coin designs to serve on all currency. For extra protection during shipment, the 1894-S Half Dollar will be packaged in a coin flip. The Barber Half Dollar was forged from a metallic alloy of 90% silver and 10% copper and is a part of the highly popular 90% silver coinage.

    Usually, Lady Liberty is depicted as a tall and slender woman who resembles a Greek goddess. Liberty's history dates back to Greek mythology, wherein she was a goddess among the warrior and is the reason why she is always portrayed as a Grecian goddess. Lady Liberty represents everything this nation has fought for and continues to fight for: liberty, freedom, democracy. Her importance can be compared to a president's importance, wherein she is also included on US currency along with certain presidents' portraits. Her clothes are a light-weight Grecian robe and she is almost always holding another patriotic symbol, such as a torch or olive branches. Since the Mint Act of 1792, all US Mint branches are required to include some symbol of Liberty on the currency.

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