Barber Half Dollar Very Good 1892-S

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    The 1892-S Barber Half Dollar is the first Barber Half to be minted by the infamous San Francisco Mint. Considered to be in very good condition, the 1892-S exhibits a very worn surface, with major details lacking, such as the eagle's feathers or the leaves on Liberty's headpiece. The San Francisco Mint is world renowned for its strong strikes and high quality control during it coins' production, allowing collectors to enjoy lower grade coins due to the bold strikes. Dating back to the California gold rush, the San Francisco Mint was put into place to help turn the mined silver and gold into coins. In just its first year of business, it made $4 million worth of gold into coins and never looked back. The San Francisco Mint has seen its fair share of history, from a few economical depressions to the famous earthquake of 1906, and has also left its mark on history with the coins it has minted.

    The Barber design is one of the only currency designs to be featured on all denominations at one time and was named after the US Mint's Chief Engraver, William Barber. The coins were in circulation from 1892-1916, but the half dollar wasn't minted the last couple of years before the series ended. The Seated Liberty design had run its course and the Mint's Director, Edward Leech, wanted to officially change the design. Holding a competition, Leech wanted to encourage participation by giving the winner a cash prize. All of the local artists invited declined and Leech resorted to his mint for direction. William Barber was ultimately assigned the task to create a new design for the US currency, that would replace the Seated Liberty.

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