Barber Half Dollar Good Condition 1899-S

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    The Barber Half Dollar collection is a fun series for collectors. Partly due to the various size mintages, collectors are able to split their budget between the affordable, high mintages dates, and the more pricey low mintages years. The 1899-S Barber Half Dollar is in good condition, consisting of extreme wear, and is a part of a larger mintage. Liberty, adorned with a Grecian crown, is on the obverse, as well as the date of mintage. The reverse contains the coin's legal tender value, along with the nation's seal of an eagle with a shield. The 1899-S Barber Half Dollar will be packaged in a coin flip during shipment to ensure proper protection.

    From 1892-1916, the Barber design reigned on the US dime, quarter, and half dollar; although the half dollar was stopped a few years before. The public and artistic opinion of the Barber design was mixed and was phased out in 1915. But going back a few years before, the Barber design was a saving grace for the Mint Director at the time. When the Seated Liberty Half Dollar had run its course, the Mint Director Edward Leech, wanted to hold a competition for the next coinage design. Adding the appeal of a cash prize for the winner, the local turnout was a bit underwhelming. The artists that were invited to participate wanted a different prize, under different terms, and withdrew when their needs weren't met. Leech resorted to inside the mint, wherein he worked with the Chief Engraver at the time, to construct a new design. The Chief Engraver, William Barber, was approved by president, Benjamin Harrison, to move forward with the Barber coinage.

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