Australian Series II Lunar Gold Tenth Ounce 2015 Goat

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    The Perth Mint is the oldest working mint in Australia and has a strong following world-wide. In fact, this humble mint is responsible for some of the most popular coin series, such as the gold Kangaroo or the Australian Lunar Series I and II. The Australian Lunar Series II has been in production by the Perth Mint since 2008, when the Australian Lunar Series I began its descend of coin production. The Lunar Series keeps in line with the ancient Chinese Zodiac calendar, assigning each year to an animal for horoscope purposes. These coins are guaranteed by one of the most reputable precious metals mints in the world that they are .9999 pure gold.

    The Australian Lunar Series II 1/10 ounce 2015 Gold Goat is in brilliant uncirculated condition, with the famous proof features. This coin is also packaged in its original mint-sealed capsule for protection. The famous Ian Rank-Broadley side portrait of the Queen celebrates the Queen's aging through the years. This well-known portrait has been used since 1997 on all Commonwealth of Nations' currency coins' obverses. The obverse also is stamped with the coin's weight, purity, date of mintage, and the coin's legal tender value to prove the coin's authenticity. The reverse side pictures a large ram, quite the opposite depiction from its silver counterpart. The ram itself contains a proof finish, highlighting his strongest features in a beautiful mirrored finish. The Year of the Goat represents good fortune, prosperity, and protection. In ancient times, the goat was respected due to everything it provided to the people. The goats' skin was used to make "paper" to write on, its fur kept people warm, and its meat kept everyone fed; not one piece of the goat would go unused. Since the goat essentially kept their ancestors alive, the Chinese people today view the goat as a sign of good luck and protection.

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