Australian Kookaburra 2 oz. Silver 2003

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    The Kookaburra is a beautiful and striking bird that isn't scared of humans. The colors that are on the feathers of these birds are determined by the gender of the bird. Kookaburras mate for life and both adults take part in raising their young. The most known fact about the kookaburra is its call. The kookaburra's call strikingly resembles human laughter, a cackling laughter. This may seem frightening but locals are way past used to it. Being native to Australia's eucalyptus forests, the kookaburra bird was chosen as the featured animal for a bullion coin collection started in 1990. This promising collection was first produced by the Perth Mint and has taken over household collections worldwide. The Perth Mint is the oldest working mint in Australia, earning its well-earned reputation along the way. The Perth Mint designed the Kookaburra series to contain different sizes: one ounce, two ounce, five ounce, and ten ounce. The larger the coin becomes, the smaller the mintage and the better the surface area to admire the amazing detail work.

    Your 2003 Silver Kookaburra Two Ounce is one of 16,663 coins minted and is guaranteed to be forged from .999 pure silver. The Perth Mint kindly packages all of its coins into airtight capsules for proper protection against scratching and tarnishing. Your coin sparkles with the "freshly minted" brilliant uncirculated finish but also displays a proof-like luster as well.

    Coin Highlights
    -.999 fine silver
    -BU condition
    -Sealed in capsule
    -2oz in weight
    -16,663 minted
    -Obverse: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is presented, on the obverse, as maturing in years yet lovelier than ever. The elegant Queen is wearing her brilliant crown, atop her intricate tendrils that make up her hair.
    -Reverse: A very well-detailed kookaburra is the star on the reverse design of the 2003 silver kookaburra. The bird is finished with a shinier, more proof-like patina than the rest of the coin, which exhibits a frosted finish. The reverse also bears the coin series' name, the coin's purity, and the year of mintage.

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    • Year: 2003
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