Australian Koala Kilo Silver 2013

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    The koala's history in Australia is dated back hundreds of years so it is natural for the Perth Mint to produce a coin series to commemorate the extremely loved animal. Until recently, the koala had been a hunted animal due to its incredibly soft fur. Conservationists have worked very hard to pass laws that were in favor of protecting the koala. They were successful in their efforts and now the koala fur trade is almost extinct. The Koala bear has also brought in millions of dollars in tourism since 1998, helping the economy of Australia.

    The Perth Mint produces the Koala series yearly and offers a different design as the years change. Each coin is pure silver and is packaged in a mint sealed capsule. Although they are considered brilliant uncirculated, they also contains aspects of a proof coin. Just like the beloved bear, native to Australia, these coins are loved and highly sought after by coin collectors everywhere! Whether you are looking to collect or invest in silver online, the Koala series is the perfect collection for you. Not only do these coins have numismatic value, they also offer a coin collector a chance to invest in silver. It's a win win!

    Coin Highlights
    -.999 fine silver
    -Brilliant Uncirculated condition
    -1 kilo
    -Sealed in capsule
    -Obverse: The obverse, of the Australian Koala Kilo Silver 2013 coin depicts a mature yet eloquent Queen Elizabeth II, sitting in the famous side position. Every detail from her curly, dainty tendrils, to her slight, shy smirk, are incredibly realistic and respectful of the Queen. The coin's denomination and the coin's place of mintage join the Queen on the obverse.
    -Reverse: The reverse design reveals an active, solo koala, climbing a eucalyptus tree. The koala is small but has a very serious look on its face. The artist who designed this koala made sure to include all of the intricate details such as individual hairs, the intent in his eyes, and the thin bark on the tree. The coin's date of mintage, weight, and purity are also inscribed on the reverse side of the coin. The Perth Mint's mark, "P," is included on the lower left hand side of the coin.

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    • Year: 2013
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