Australian Koala 1 Ounce Silver 2014

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    As if the detailing on their coins needed more exaggeration, the Perth Mint recently has started a new technique to bring these animals to life. The Perth Mint produces the Koala series yearly and offers a different design as the years change. Each coin is pure silver and is packaged in a mint sealed capsule. Although they are considered brilliant uncirculated, they also contains aspects of a proof coin. Just like the beloved bear, native to Australia, these coins are loved and highly sought after by coin collectors everywhere!

    The koala's history in Australia is dated back hundreds of years so it is natural for the Perth Mint to produce a coin series to commemorate the extremely loved animal. Until recently, the koala had been a hunted animal due to its incredibly soft fur. Conservationists have worked very hard to pass laws that were in favor of protecting the koala. They were successful in their efforts and now the koala fur trade is almost extinct. The Koala bear has also brought in millions of dollars in tourism since 1998, helping the economy of Australia.

    Coin Highlights
    -.999 fine silver
    -Brilliant Uncirculated condition
    -Sealed in capsule
    -Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II graces the obverse of the koala, looking as elegant and prominent as ever. The artist used a shading technique to create the illusion that the Queen is coming out of the coin. Accompanying her are the coin's place of origin and the coin's denomination, "Australia," and "one dollar."
    -Reverse: The koala design featured on the reverse side of the 2014 Koala silver coin is an up close shot of the charming creature. The koala's head is entirely made up of lines to increase the likeness of the drawn koala to the real thing. Encompassing the outer rim of the reverse are the words, "Australian Koala," and "2014 1oz .999 silver." There is also a "P" placed next to the koala's head to represent the Perth Mint's mintmark.

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    • Year: 2014
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