Australian Kangaroo 1 oz. Silver 2011

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    The Kangaroo doesn't look like an intimidating animal but when you see it going 60 kilometers an hour, you might be forced to think otherwise. The kangaroo has been an iconic figure for Australia for an incredibly long time so it definitely is fitting that they use the kangaroo on the coins. Offering different variations of the kangaroo on the coins, the Royal Australian Mint changes the reverse design yearly to keep up interest for their collectors. Along with the differentiating designs, the mintages every year also change. The silver Kangaroo is known to have incredibly low mintages, intriguing serious coin collectors worldwide to start their own collection of the Kangaroo. The coins are promised to be .999 fine silver, in frosted uncirculated condition, and come in mint sealed capsules.

    The reverse design of the 2011 kangaroo is set apart from past designs. Just by glancing at the kangaroo, observers will immediately notice the style used to create two animals differs from all of the other designs we have seen thus far. On the reverse side of the coin, a mother kangaroo and joey are sitting side by side. This drawing is incredibly realistic and exquisite in its attention to detail by bringing this adorable pair to life. The coin's legal tender value, "one dollar," and the coin's purity, "1 ounce fine silver," are both inscribed on the reverse as well. Turning the coin over to the obverse side, you will notice Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She sits poised and to the side so all we see is her lovely profile. Ian Rank-Broadley designed this portrait of the Queen to honor her age, maturity, and to celebrate her wrinkles rather than hide them. She is accompanied by the coin's place and year of mintage, "Australia," and "2011." Whether you are interested in just buying silver or collecting coins, this Kangaroo series is the perfect accompaniment to any compilation.

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