Australian Kangaroo 1 oz. Silver 1996

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    The 1996 silver Kangaroo is the first to display two kangaroos on the reverse. The kangaroos from the past 3 years pictured a kangaroo by itself, assumed to be a male. The design on this reverse shows two kangaroos, a mother with her baby kangaroo, also known as a joey. The mother kangaroo is providing nourishment to her young by allowing the joey to suckle milk close to her pouch. This drawing reveals the human-like qualities kangaroos possess and that most of the world is ignorant to. The coin's denomination of "one dollar" and "one ounce pure silver" are both included on the reverse of the coin. Another motherly yet powerful figure is shown on the obverse side of the coin. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is pictured in a very prominent side position on the coin. Many recognize the portrait since it has been used on many coins before. Raphael Maklouf designed this portrait of the Queen as a way to honor her youth and in doing so, making her timeless in age. Beside her are the words, "Australia" and "1996" written to show where and when the coins were made.

    The silver Kangaroos are challenging to find, especially the ones with the lower mintage. The 1996 silver Kangaroo is one of those coins, coming in with a mintage of a whopping 49,398! Many are allured by the mother/baby concept on the design so the incredibly low mintage doesn't make it easier. These coins' designs change year by year and are made into proof and brilliant uncirculated coins. The uncirculated coins offer a frosted finish, creating a dimension and depth to the coin that isn't there otherwise. Every Kangaroo is guaranteed to be .999 pure silver and in brilliant uncirculated condition. They also come in mint sealed capsules for protection.

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    • Year: 1996
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