Assorted Silver 8 Ounce Round (Design Our Choice)

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    Among investors, it is a common preference to keep a very diverse collection. Most of the time, the investor chooses a precious metal, such as gold or silver, and then buys it in all shapes, sizes, weights, and denominations. This not only makes an ideal situation for investment purposes, but it also makes it easier if the time ever came to sell the products. The Assorted Silver Bullion 8 Ounce Round has a low premium, comes in a protective plastic capsule, and is very easy to stack and store. Note that the design may vary from the picture, depending on our inventory. We cannot guarantee a specific design, since our inventory is constantly updating. Also, many silver rounds are gold plated but are still marked with the official .999 pure silver etching. If you receive a gold plated round, we 100% guarantee it is a pure silver product!

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