Assorted Silver 6 Ounce Round (Design Our Choice)

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    Since all precious metals are weighed in troy pounds and ounces, there are 12 troy ounces in a troy pound. This Assorted Silver Bullion 6 Ounce Round is considered half a troy pound and is one of the most popular silver bullion items we sell! Conveniently encased in a plastic capsule, this round's design varies depending on our constantly changing inventory. The design in the picture is not a guarantee of what will be when purchased and these rounds are only sold for their silver content, not their design. There are also many gold plated rounds that are still .999 pure silver. These rounds are made all over the country, at reputable private mints, and are incredibly easy to stack and store. The best part of any silver round is its amazing prize above spot! Investors enjoy the ease of storing these beauties while still investing in pure silver.

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