90% Silver Uncirculated Washington Quarters 100 pcs.

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    Often referred to as "junk silver," the 90% Washington Quarters contain silver and copper in their composition. It was George Washington's bicentennial birthday, in 1932, and a Washington half dollar was up for debate. Although the bicentennial committee wanted to mint a Washington half dollar instead, replacing the current Walking Liberty half dollar, the committee opted to change the Standing Liberty quarter instead. Through the years, the obverse of Washington's portrait has been left undisturbed, the reverse of the quarter has been changed for specialty collections, such as the America the Beautiful edition. The 90% Silver Uncirculated Washington Quarters contains 100 quarters, resulting in a bag with $25 face value. This bag of Washington Quarters is quite the opposite of a bag of junk silver. Each quarter is in brilliant uncirculated condition, with the exception of a few bag marks.

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