90% Silver Barber Dimes Average Circ Good Obverse (100 pcs.)

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    Designed by the fifth Chief Engraver of the US Mint, William Barber, the silver barber dime was minted from 1892-1916. Carrying different mint-marks, the barber dime's value is dependent on where it was minted and its silver content. All barber dimes contain 90% silver and are usually used to diversify a silver collection. The 90% Silver Barber Dimes Average Circ Good Obverse Bag contains 100 dimes, with extremely worn reverses but the date on the obverse is still very much readable. These coins are sold primarily for their 90% silver content, with the higher value years removed and sold separately. With the increase interest of 90% silver, barber dimes, especially with readable dates, are becoming more difficult to find. Don't miss the chance of owning a truly historical and collectible bag of silver!

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