90% Barber Silver Quarters Circulated - Good or Better (100 pcs.)

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    The 90% Barber Silver Quarters Circulated - Good or Better (100 pcs.) offers a great mix of dates raging from 1892-1916. These quarters have been heavily circulated but the lowest condition, offered in this bag, is the good condition. Very good to fine quarters can also be expected to make an appearance. Before 1964, most US currency was made out of 90% silver and since this is no longer the case, the demand for all 90% as greatly increased through the years. The 90% Barber Silver Quarters Circulated - Good or Better (100 pcs.) are over one hundred years old and are a great way to diversify your silver collection!

    The Barber Quarter was created by William Barber, the Chief Engraver at the US Mint. The Mint Director, Edward Leech, wanted to switch out the Seated Liberty, which was the half dollar at the time, for a more modern and updated coin design. Leech announced a competition, among local artists, to design the new coin and the winner would win a cash prize. Denied by the artists, Leech resorted to Barber, who came up with the new design, approved by Benjamin Harrison. Liberty is on the obverse, adorned with a Grecian leaf headband and is accompanied by the coin's date of mintage. The reverse displays the nation's seal: a heraldic eagle covered by a shield. The eagle holds olive branches, in one talon, and arrows in the other. The seal's symbolism reveals the strength of the US and the bravery it takes to hold onto the freedom it holds dear. There are also 13 stars above the eagle's head, accounting for the original 13 colonies. This design graced the quarter, dime, and half dollar for over 20 years!

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