$5 Gold Liberty 1887-S XF

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    The $5 Gold Liberty 1887-S Extra Fine (XF) coin is a distinguished piece in the realm of American numismatics, embodying the artistry and historical significance of the late 19th century. As part of the Liberty Head Half Eagle series, this coin is admired for its intricate design, historical context, and high-quality minting. The 1887-S issue, in particular, stands out for its superior craftsmanship and the role it played in the economic landscape of its time.

    The Liberty Head Half Eagle series was designed by Christian Gobrecht, the third Chief Engraver of the United States Mint. Introduced in 1839, this series continued until 1908, representing a period of significant growth and transformation in the United States. The obverse of the 1887-S coin features the iconic Liberty Head design, showcasing a left-facing portrait of Lady Liberty adorned with a coronet inscribed with the word "LIBERTY." Encircling the portrait are thirteen stars, symbolizing the original thirteen colonies, with the date "1887" prominently displayed below.

    The reverse of the $5 Gold Liberty coin is equally impressive, featuring a majestic eagle with outstretched wings, clutching an olive branch and arrows in its talons. This imagery represents the nation’s desire for peace and readiness for defense, capturing the values of the era. Above the eagle's head is a banner with the inscription "IN GOD WE TRUST," a motto adopted after the Civil War to reflect national unity and faith. The inscriptions "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the denomination "FIVE D." surround the eagle, completing the design with a sense of balance and symmetry.

    The $5 Gold Liberty 1887-S coin was minted at the San Francisco Mint, established in 1854 during the California Gold Rush. The San Francisco Mint played a crucial role in producing coins that supported the burgeoning economy of the western United States. Coins produced at this mint bear the "S" mintmark, distinguishing them from those produced at other facilities. The 1887-S $5 Gold Liberty coins are particularly prized for their sharp details and the quality associated with the San Francisco Mint.

    The mintage of the 1887-S $5 Gold Liberty coin was approximately 1,912,000. Although this number might seem substantial, many of these coins were heavily circulated, lost, or melted down over the years, making well-preserved examples in Extra Fine condition relatively rare. Coins from this period that have survived with minimal wear are highly sought after by collectors and numismatists, enhancing their value and desirability.

    In Extra Fine (XF) condition, the $5 Gold Liberty 1887-S coin exhibits sharp and clear details with only slight wear on the highest points of the design. The hair strands and coronet on Lady Liberty's portrait remain well-defined, and the intricate feathers on the eagle’s wings and body are still prominent. The fields, or flat surfaces of the coin, retain much of their original luster, providing a pleasing visual contrast to the raised design elements. Coins in this condition are prized for their beauty and historical significance, offering a glimpse into the past while maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

    The $5 Gold Liberty 1887-S Extra Fine coin is more than just a piece of currency; it is a tangible link to America’s past, embodying the economic and cultural values of the time. The coin played a vital role in commerce during a period of rapid growth and development in the United States. The design reflects the nation’s ideals of liberty and strength, while the coin’s production at the historic San Francisco Mint underscores its importance in American numismatic history.

    In summary, the $5 Gold Liberty 1887-S Extra Fine coin stands as a testament to the artistry and historical significance of late 19th-century American coinage. With its classic Liberty Head design by Christian Gobrecht, its production at the esteemed San Francisco Mint, and its relatively limited mintage, this coin is a treasured piece in any numismatic collection. It represents a significant era in American history, making it a valuable and meaningful collectible for those who appreciate the rich legacy of U.S. coinage.

  • Details:
    • Denomination: $5
    • Year: 1887
    • Diameter: 21.6 mm
    • Mint Mark: S
    • Thickness: 1.5 mm
    • Grade: Ungraded

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