2022 Platinum Britannia 1/10 Ounce BU

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    Queen Elizabeth II has been featured on many coins from the Commonwealth of Nations. As the years pass and bring about an older appearance, the Queen has always been realistically pictured as she is. This isn't to embarrass her but rather celebrate her maturity and how long she has reigned. On the obverse of the 1/10oz Britannia, she sits to the side so her lovely profile is enhanced. Her famous crown bears weight on her well-known curls and she stares into the distance with regal confidence. Accompanying the Queen is the coin's denomination and a short Latin saying, "Red Fid Def," meaning Defender of the Faith. Britain's Defender of the Islands stands silently on the reverse side, her trident aloft and her shield resting at her feet. Britannia has been the reassuring face to Britain and has been honored by having her portrait on British coinage since Roman times. The goddess is always seen wearing a lightweight drape, that billows in the wind and enhances her slender yet strong frame. The Corinthian helmet graces her head, she is ready for battle at any given moment. The reverse also bears the inscription, ".999 platinum," and "2022." Embrace the modern classic of Britannia and enjoy the long-loved history that comes with it!

    Coin Highlights
    -.999 pure platinum
    -Brilliant Uncirculated
    -Packaged in coin flip
    -Obverse: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is revealed on the obverse, along with the coin's denomination and a Latin saying that describes the Queen perfectly, "Red Fid Def." The translation of this saying is "Defender of the Faith."
    -Reverse: The icon, Britannia, is pictured in her most ideal stance, whilst holding her trident and shield firm. She is portrayed as Britain's eloquent protector guarding its shores, inspired by Britain's maritime heritage. An inscription bears the coin's weight and date of mintage.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 2022
    • Diameter: N/A
    • Mint Mark: N/A
    • Thickness: N/A
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