2022 Australia 10 oz Silver Kookaburra BU

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    The 2022 Australia 10 oz Silver Kookaburra BU coin is a contemporary marvel of the Perth Mint's illustrious Kookaburra series, which has captivated collectors and investors alike since its inception in 1990. This series is celebrated for its unique approach of featuring a new design of the Australian kookaburra each year, making every edition a sought-after piece for both its numismatic and investment value. The 2022 iteration continues this tradition with a fresh depiction of the iconic bird, reinforcing the series' status as a tribute to Australia's rich wildlife and the minting excellence of the Perth Mint. As a Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) coin, it maintains the highest standards of minting quality, showcasing the mint's commitment to excellence in every detail.

    The design of the 2022 coin features a strikingly detailed image of the kookaburra, set against the backdrop of a moonlit night, capturing the essence of the bird's natural habitat. This imagery not only highlights the kookaburra's significance in Australian culture but also demonstrates the Perth Mint's dedication to artistic excellence. The obverse of the coin bears the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Jody Clark, symbolizing its legal tender status under Australian law. This combination of a meticulously crafted wildlife portrait on the reverse with the sovereign effigy on the obverse exemplifies the coin's dual appeal as a piece of art and a valuable legal tender.

    Produced by the Perth Mint, renowned globally for its innovative coinage and high-quality minting processes, the 2022 10 oz Silver Kookaburra BU coin is part of a limited mintage. This limited production enhances its collectibility and potential value appreciation over time. The Perth Mint's reputation for strict quality control and advanced minting technology ensures that each coin is a masterpiece of numismatic art. Collectors and investors alike prize the mint's offerings for their purity, design excellence, and investment potential, with the Kookaburra series standing out as a prime example of this esteemed tradition.

    Each 2022 Kookaburra coin is presented in a protective acrylic capsule to preserve its Brilliant Uncirculated condition. This packaging safeguards the coin's intricate details and mirror-like finish, crucial for maintaining its aesthetic appeal and numismatic value. For collectors, the integrity of the original packaging is paramount, as it guarantees the coin's authenticity and condition. The Perth Mint also offers additional presentation and storage options to enhance the coin's display, catering to the preferences of collectors and those who wish to gift the coin, further testament to the mint's attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.

    The condition of the 2022 Australia 10 oz Silver Kookaburra coin is Brilliant Uncirculated, meaning it has never been in circulation and retains its original luster and detail. Coins in BU condition are especially valued by collectors for their pristine state, showcasing the full beauty of the mint's design without any wear from handling or circulation. This level of preservation is essential for those looking to add a piece of minting perfection to their collection or investment portfolio, embodying the Perth Mint's standard of excellence.

    An interesting aspect of the kookaburra, which this coin beautifully commemorates, is its distinctive call, often likened to echoing human laughter. This call serves as a territorial claim over its habitat and is a familiar sound in the Australian bushland, especially at dawn and dusk. The kookaburra's presence in Australian folklore and its role as a natural pest controller, feeding on snakes and other small reptiles, underline its importance to the Australian ecosystem. The 2022 Kookaburra coin captures the spirit of this beloved bird, offering a piece of Australian wildlife heritage to collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

    In sum, the 2022 Australia 10 oz Silver Kookaburra BU coin is a testament to the Perth Mint's legacy of numismatic excellence and innovation. From its stunning design and quality minting to its protective packaging and the cultural significance of its avian subject, the coin is a valuable addition to any collection, embodying the beauty and wild essence of Australia's natural environment. It stands not only as a piece of tangible investment but also as a celebration of the natural world and the artistic prowess of one of the world's premier mints.

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    • Year: 2022
    • Diameter: 75.9mm
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    • Thickness: 8.66mm
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