2007 Australia 1/2 oz Silver Lunar Pig

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    Unlike its one ounce counterpart, the 2007 half ounce pig comes with a whopping 500,000 coin mintage. The Perth Mint started the Australian Lunar Series I since they were inspired by the Chinese zodiac calendar. The Chinese zodiac is one of the oldest fortune-telling systems based off of the year someone is born. Along with fortune telling, the Chinese zodiac can also determine someone's strengths and weaknesses based off of the year they were born under. The silver pig is half of an ounce of pure silver and comes in a mint sealed capsule. Since the pig is known to be last to finish an ancient race so it is also the last to finish the Chinese zodiac calendar.

    On the obverse, the pig pictured actually resembles a warthog, a pig that is known to be aggressive in the wild. The large beast is looking to its side, standing on what looks like its bed. The pig's detailed hair and face make this coin worth the while. The date is on the side as usual and 1/2 oz .999 silver is at the bottom. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, is featured on the obverse with the denomination, 50c, and "Australia". The pig is known to eat, sleep in its own filth, and become fat with each passing day. The positive side of the pig is that it doesn't try to harm anyone, keeps to itself, and can bring luxury into someone's life. In ancient times, the pig was a symbol of wealth. People born under the year of the pig are optimistic, honest, and calm. They are loyal to their friends and are humble about their strength. Pigs are not the most appealing animal in the Chinese zodiac calendar, but they are definitely one of the most lucky. Don't judge a book by its cover and instead, embrace the silver pig as a symbol of a lifetime with good fortune.

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