2006 Australia 1 oz Gold Lunar Dog

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    Continuing the tradition of producing one a year, the 2006 Australian Lunar Dog gold coin was the eleventh installment for the Lunar Series I. In 1995, the Perth Mint was inspired by the ancient Chinese Zodiac calendar that has offered people fortunes by the year they were born. Depending on the year, a certain animal is assigned that represents all born under that year. Some might be turned off by some of the animal choices, such as rat, dog, goat, etc. but according to the Chinese culture those animals are more highly revered than their more polished counterparts.

    Those born under the Year of the Dog are know to be brave, clever, optimistic, and honest. The dog also symbolizes fortune and good luck in Chinese culture. It is believed that the dog is man's best friend and even understands the human spirit, whether the owner is wealthy or not. When a dog would wonder to someone's house, normally that would be an annoyance but in ancient times, it was a sign of good luck to adopt the dog. The Australian Lunar Gold 2006 Dog is the perfect item to wish someone you love with good fortune. This coin is .9999 pure gold and in brilliant uncirculated condition, containing proof-like features. The reverse exhibits a dog, resembling a mut of some sort, accompanied by the coin's date of mintage, weight, and purity. The obverse highlights Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the coin's monetary denomination. An interesting fact: black poodles are viewed as the luckiest animal to the Chinese culture. People who own dogs were viewed as immortal so it's safe to say you need to own a dog; even if it's just this coin!

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