2004 Australia 10 oz Silver Lunar Monkey

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    The Chinese Zodiac calendar has been used for centuries as a fortune telling system and a way for people to further understand their personalities. The belief is that there are specific animals chosen to represent specific years in the calendar and which ever year one is born under, they exhibit the traits of that animal, good or bad. Those born under the year of the monkey are active, sport loving people, who are great problem solvers. They are also energetic, flexible, and are selfless when it comes to helping others before themselves. Often because of its humanly traits, the monkey is respected and esteemed as the smartest animal and Chinese tradition looks upon the monkey with favor and delight. To this day, pictures of the monkey are painted on walls and doors of businesses to bring good fortune.

    The obverse displays a side-posed Queen Elizabeth II, with a slight smirk on her delicate lips and depicted as an older and mature woman.The obverse is also stamped with the coin's legal tender value and the place of mintage. The reverse of the coin contains the portrait of the monkey. This monkey is on his own and is enjoying the view from his branches. The monkey's eyes are staring straight at whomever is holding the coin; his eyes looking straight into your soul as if a human were behind those eyes. The reverse is also stamped with the coin's date of mintage, weight, and purity. The attention to detail is what makes these coins from the Australian Lunar Series I stand out. Like the other coins in this series, the 2004 monkey is pure silver and is in brilliant uncirculated condition with proof-like elements, especially on the obverse. This silver coin comes in a sealed capsule for protection from scratches and the elements.

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