2003 Australia 2 oz Silver Lunar Goat

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    Ever since ancient times, the goat is known for protection, provision, and kindness. Every part of the goat is used; whether it's the meat for food, skin to keep warm, or its fleece for brushing tools. Nowadays, the goat might seem irrelevant since we have technology, machines, and factories to provide our every need. But the Chinese tradition still holds the goat to high esteem and does not forget the sacrifice of this kind animal so that people, their ancestors, may live and thrive. Those born under the year of the goat tend to be kind-hearted, artistic, and are likely to live under quiet circumstances. Silver coins are often giving as a gift and what better way to give the gift of prosperity and protection with this silver goat! The Australian Lunar Series I is made by the world re-known Perth Mint and is inspired by the Chinese zodiac calendar. Many people use the Chinese zodiac as a fortune telling of sorts and as a guide through life. This particular silver coin weighs 2 ounces pure silver and comes in a protective mint sealed capsule. The coin is in brilliant uncirculated condition, although there are proof-like qualities to it as well.

    The reverse of this coin portrays a nanny goat balancing on rocky terrain with her young. The baby goat seems to be resting as the mother is keeping watch. The reverse also bears the coin's date of mintage, weight, and purity for validity purposes. The obverse contains the one and only, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. She regally sits at a side angle, making sure all of her best features are highlighted. The coin's obverse also includes the coin's legal tender value, which is $2. These 2 ounce coins come with lower premiums, letting you knock out 2 birds with one stone. Don't miss out on these good fortune telling gems!

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