2000 Australia 2 oz Gold Lunar Dragon

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    It is well believed that you possess the traits of the animal you are born under. Those born under the Dragon year are known to be energetic, smart, and do not give up during hard times. Since the dragon also has fire for a defense, those born under the dragon are known to contain a fiery and uneasy temper.The dragon is a part of the Chinese Zodiac calendar and some may even argue it's the most alluring animal of all. Folklore speaks of the dragon as an insurmountable beast, that enslaves whoever dares to challenge it with its breath of fire. Ancient Chinese emperors would prefer their names to be "dragon", since it represents authority and immortality. Having a lofty reputation among Chinese culture, the Dragon represents honor, dignity, and power.

    The dragon, on the reverse, is looking at a pearl, which represents prosperity and by combining it with the dragon, the coin represents power and prosperity. The reverse also bears the coin's date of mintage, weight, and purity. Also, a beautifully embellished design is fixed around the dragon to enhance the silver coin.The obverse reveals the magnificent portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and the coin's dollar value. Like all Perth Mint products, this silver coin's design is impeccable. The 2000 Australia 2 oz Gold Lunar Dragon is delivered in a capsule and is mint Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The Dragon year is looked at with honor and respect and those that receive this coin will feel the same way.

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    • Year: 2000
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