1941 Proof Set

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    The 1941 Proof Set is considered to be in a special group of proof sets: the early dates. These dates of proof sets are incredibly hard to find, mostly due to the overproduction of counterfeits. Only 15,000 of the 1941 Proof Sets were minted, and because of the events of 1941, were completely sold out. The 1941 Proof Set includes a Lincoln penny, a Jefferson nickel, a Mercury dime, a Washington quarter, and a Walking Liberty half dollar. The set will be encased as pictured, in a Capital Plastic Holder. The attack on Pearl Harbor happened in 1941, as well as the premiere of Orson Welles' masterpiece, Citizen Kane. Captain America comics released its first issue of the American hero and Mount Rushmore was completed.

    The US Proof Set production began in 1936, when the US Mint started to put sets together, one proof coin for each denomination, for their coin collector customers. The proof coins were being minted since the 1800's and year after year, more collectors were requesting the proof coins to make sets on their own. Luckily, the US Mint wised up and made the sets themselves and still make them to this day! A proof coin is never put into circulation and contains a glossy finish. Many think that because the US Proof Sets do not contain high value coins, then the sets themselves have no value. The earlier sets are highly valuable and are considered a great investment!

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