Kilo & 100oz Gold Bars

Kilo & 100oz Gold Bars

The Kilo and 100 oz Gold Bars are IRA acceptable, allowing investors a place to put their most precious metals. Kilo bars weigh 32.15 ounces or one kilogram of pure .9999 fine gold, while 100 oz bars weigh roughly 100 oz.

Types of Manufacturers

  • Pamp Suisse-Established in 1977, PAMP Suisse independently refines, assays, packages, and ships bullion products all over the world. With their beloved heat-sealed, tamper-resistant, individually serial numbered plastic cards, investors can take comfort in their purchase and are even able to trace their bars back to where they were produced.
  • Royal Canadian Mint (RCM)-The Royal Canadian Mint is among the list of a highly reputable source that provides precious metals products. Built just after the turn of the century, RCM has played an important role in Canadian history and currency. Each bar gets assigned an appropriate serial number, inscribed on the beautifully sheer surface of the gold bar. An elegant design is included on each bar, along with a ridged edge to set these bars apart from others. RCM seals each bar into a plastic covering for protection during shipment and storage.
  • Credit Suisse-A brand most gold investors are more than familiar with since the company is one of the oldest precious metals refinery in the world.
  • Johnson Matthey- Established in 1851, Johnson Matthey produced gold and silver products before being sold to Asahi Holdings. Johnson Matthey Gold Bars are considered one of the premier larger gold bars for private gold investors as well as IRA accounts. Although their bars don't contain special designs or engravings, investors enjoy the higher premium that comes with these bars in terms of selling.
  • Engelhard-Formed in 1902, the Engelhard corporation quickly rose to prominence and was soon the world's largest refiner and fabricator of gold, silver and platinum. Because of this pedigree as well as a bit of history (Engelhard ceased production in 1987), Engelhard gold bars are sought after for their rarity and quality alike.

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