About Golden Eagle

By the numbers...

Since our inception we've witnessed 1 oil embargo, 6 recessions, 3 wars, 12 U.S. presidential terms, 3 stock market crashes and a 12+ year commodities bull market that has seen the price of silver rise by over 1,000% and gold by over 700%. We've been around so long that when Golden Eagle Coins was founded, gasoline was 53 cents per gallon.

Prior to forming Golden Eagle Coins, Bob Mangels Sr. owned 5 coin-operated laundromats and had his family sort the coins before depositing them at the bank (even in the late 1960's, silver coins were worth more than their "regular" counterparts). By the early 1970's Bob Sr. partnered with his nephew Richard Stelfox and began trekking across the United States attending national coin shows. And the rest, as they say is rock n' roll history.

The doors to their first retail space were opened in 1974. After multiple moves and expansions Golden Eagle Coins has expanded from a traveling coin dealer to the largest online coin and gold bullion dealer in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area with annual sales exceeding 9-figures.

Coins never sleep.

The price of commodities almost never stands still. In a volatile market, minutes and even seconds are crucial. We were one of the first bullion dealers in the United States to integrate our website with the Comex and World Market bullion feeds. This ensures that our prices are up to date to the second.

Our live-pricing feature of our website enables us to stay current with the US & World markets as they unfold throughout the day. This in-turn allows our customers to take advantage of dips & swings in the prices of precious metals.

With our long-standing relationships with international suppliers & a network of dealers throughout the country we are always in the loop. Whether it be fluctuating premiums in bullion products, gold and silver coins or rare date coins for sale for the collector, our pricing is always up-to-date.

Stick with the winners

With so many new dealers and websites popping up around the internet these days it's hard to know who to trust. As you browse for a trustworthy supplier, take special note of our company history, our affiliations with the major players in the collectible and bullion world and what our customers have to say. We think the choice will be clear.

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